Tex Recycle Care

Company profile

Tex Recycle Care Ltd (TRCL) was set up in 2003 with in an intention to collect used clothing by way of raising funds for different schools, charitable organisations and councils.
The company has its own fleet of vehicles to collect rags (used clothing and textiles), and currently have two depots, one based in Bedford and one in Dorset.
We are currently running fundraising schemes with the following;

  • School
  • Colleges
  • Nurseries & Playgroups
  • Cadet groups (Sea, Air, etc)
  • Shops of Charitable organisations.
  • Textile Banks (Containers)
  • Hospices 

All our rags are from schools, shops and textile banks all over England. Just to give you example about our quality and idea where we collect rags from,  our shops collections  include Barnardos, British Red Cross, Cancer Research, Dorset County Council, Salvation Army, Sue Ryder Care etc
These rags are sorted and graded into roughly 150 categories and if not recycled, then are send accordingly to its final destination.

Specialized in fundraising for Charitable institution, Schools, Councils and hospices

Fund Raising For School

Leading The Field In Textile Recycling